Our Family in Music

Rachele Turgeon

rachele turgeon,violin maker,rococo violin shop,elise turgeon,rachele turgeon bowmaker,violin shop

 Owner Rachele Turgeon is both a violin maker and bow maker, and is key to the operations in the workshop.   Her apprenticeship began in 1981. Bio

Michael Vann

michael vann,michael vann bow maker,rococo violin shop, violing shop, rachele turgeon, dolores vann

 Canadian Bow Maker Michael Vann, my step-father is an integral part of the instruments and bows that pass in and out of our shop.  His bows are sold through our shop along with antique instruments.  He assists greatly with the shops projects.  Bio

Dolores Vann

Dolores vann,michael vann,rachele turgeon,ra earth,rococo violin shop,dolores turgeon,elise turgeon

 Dolores Vann, my mother, is a violinist, viola d'Amorist, teacher, clinician and former Board Member of the National Youth Orchestra of
Canada.   Dolores is our music consultant. Bio 

Bernard Turgeon

Bernard Turgeon,rachele turgeon,teresa turgeon,star hill farms,rococo violin shop,violin shop

My late father Bio Bernard Turgeon,   Canadian Baritone, introduced my siblings and I to the world of Opera; we were unaware the scores he practiced were becoming part of our own learned repertoire from a very young age. Read More 

Elise Turgeon

elsie turgeon,ra earth,rachele turgeon,dolores vann,rococo violin shop,mike mcdonald,violinshop.ca

 Always behind the scenes my daughter Elise Turgeon is well versed in the industry and is instrumental in may aspects of the business.  Elise has her business diploma, Fine Arts diploma and her Herbalist diploma.  She keeps busy with our shop, her growing family and her own business,   Ra earth apothecary & mercantile. www.raearth.com

Friends indeed

rococo violin shop,rachele turgeon,violin shop.ca,elise turgeon,ra earth,raearth.com

Ella Fitzgerald is always the life of the building, bright, enthusiastic and eager to please.  Oliver Twist has been part of our studio since 1999.  The little grey rescue is as sweet at they come RIP Oct 15 2108.   

McMillan 'Creeker'

violin shop,rococo violin shop,violinshop.ca,raearth.com,ra earth,rachele turgeon

Creeker, our  37 pound monster Maine Coon, is the perfect shop babysister...loved by all.  Found at McMillan Creek, he has chosen to stay with us since 2009.