Trade-up Plan

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An investment that works for you

 When you choose to purchase a fractional size instrument with your Rental Equity* you will automatically be enrolled in our Trade-up Plan. 

How the Trade-up Plan Works...

When you outgrow the instrument, you can Trade-up to the next size for a minimal fee.  This fee is less than renting and much less than purchasing a new used or used instrument.  The Trade-up must be into an instrument of equal or greater value.  As your playing technique improves and as your equipment needs change, the Trade-up Plan allows you to slowly upgrade your instrument, bow and case into more suitable equipment.

When it's time to Trade-up your 3/4 size into a full size instrument, you will have substantial equity in the Trade-up Plan that can be applied toward the purchase of your next instrument.

The Trade-up plan also allows you to remain free of maintenance costs, as each Trade-up comes with new premium strings, rosin, tuners and bow hair. 

The needs of a student also changes as the body grows.  This is taken into consideration with the Trade-up plan; shoulder rests and chin rests are altered or changed to match the students needs.

If at any point you are no longer interested in pursuing music, you can place the instrument in our shop on consignment, or sell your instrument privately.

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