An age old tradition. The instrument and the maker.

Rococo Violin Shop: Luthier. A knowledge of shaping that has been passed down through the centuries.  It is an art form; a meditation; a mindful practice.

The Life of an instrument and a bow begins long before a musician holds the carefully crafted finished product in their hands.  It started with a seed, that grew into a tree - it was a living tree, one with breath, one with pulse, one that saw many seasons - it is the charge of the Luthier to honour the tree, to create a work of art, to breathe the life back into the wood, and to create an instrument that sings to the world. 

'For me, repairing and making is a passion, I am in love with my craft, and this love demands total dedication.  I only use materials and procedures that will not compromise the integrity of the art.' ... Rachele Turgeon

Owners of instruments and bows have an obligation as well:  If you own a fine or vintage piece, please remember that to be an owner is to be a custodian.  A custodian has a responsibility to the future generations and that responsibility is to pass on the instrument or bow in as good, or better condition that when received.  Let all actions be for the preservation of the future.

The choice for both professional musicians and students.

 Since relocating our services to Prince George, The Rococo Violin Shop has served Prince George and the surrounding communities since 1991.  We continue to offer professional personalized customer service and affordable prices.  The studio of Rachele Turgeon has everything you need.   We offer a full range of repairs, string installation, bow rehairing, tonals, restoration, maintenance, rentals, consignment, and trade.   


Bring your instrument to The Rococo Violin Shop for a little TLC.  Our professionally trained artisans will look after your instruments and bows.

Instruments and Accessories.

 We carry a variety of instruments and bows for the violin family.  Whether it’s strings, cases, accessories, and gifts, you can find what you need at The Rococo Violin Shop.  Need a special order?  In most cases, we can have it in our shop within 2 days.   The studio features in-house specials throughout the music season.                         


Violins, Violas, Cello and Bass. 

 Each of our rental instruments are set-up to their maximum performing capacity. You can rent by the day, week, month or year.  We have rent-to-own as well.  Our Violin Shop carries everything you need to make your lesson's a success!    back to top