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Scheduled appointments.

  Rehairing, repairs, set-ups, trying instruments, appraisals etc all take time.

Email us to schedule an appointment.   The violin shop is always very busy, first come first served.   I am scheduling work 5-10 days in advance depending on the clients needs.  I try my best to have scheduled work finished on time.  If planning on driving to Prince - please schedule an appointment at least 2 weeks ahead of your trip.  Most repair procedures will not take place the same day.  However we can discuss your concerns regarding your instrument or bow and proceed with a plan to have the work completed and items returned to you. 

Cancellation: please let us know if you are unable to make your appointments.

Planning for your events.

 “A failure to plan on your part should not constitute an emergency on my part.” 

We do our best to accommodate your needs - however, there are still only so many hours in a day.  Each hour of everyday is spoken for with scheduled work.  Students, parents, teachers and amateur players,  don't leave your instrument or bow issues to the last minute.  Please respect our shop hours and schedule an appointment.

Emergencies 'The show must go on'

PROFESSIONALS:   PGSO members and professional players whether visiting or local, can count on The Rococo Violin Shop to help you out in an emergency on performance day;  a replacement instrument/bow, strings or a quick repair.  Email or Drop-in. 


 Do you need strings, music, gifts or some other accessory for your instrument or bow?  Feel free to Drop-in and pick up what you need.  Any further information regarding bows, personalized setup of the instrument to suit the player (chin rest & shoulder rest), trading up of instruments, rentals etc will require an appointment; at which time I will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

String changing same day service

 Same day service if the instrument is dropped off by 11 AM.  The Rococo Violin Shop offers *free string installation when strings are purchased in our studio the 'day of' drop off; otherwise a shop charge will be applied according to instrument.

 *Free service includes: changing and labeling all strings; lubing & cleaning of pegs, nut and bridge grooves; re positioning/drilling string holes if needed; winding strings on properly and positioning pegs thumb piece; pre-stretch of strings; ensure the bridge is in the correct vertical position along with string length; repositioning fingertapes; **basic cleaning of instrument; plus, an overall exam of your instrument.  If my work benches are full, we may require a double bass to spend the night.

- Any additional concerns can be discussed with client at the time of drop off.

  **Basic cleaning: clean fingerboard and body of instrument.  Rosin build up that can not be cleaned easily will be charged shop rates to remove excessive rosin build up.

To ensure we have your string preference in stock, it is always best to schedule an appointment before hand.

Large restoration projects

 When instruments come in that need extensive work - I will go over the instrument with the client first.  If they decide to move ahead with work, I will itemize the process with an estimate - at which point they can agree or not.  Deposits are required and a completion date will be discussed.

  We simultaneously work on extensive restoration projects while also working on smaller repairs.  Progress of the projects are photographed, documented and emailed to our clients.   A longer time frame is needed for extensive restoration projects and your patience is always appreciated.  The shop does close it's doors on occasion when certain restoration processes can not be disturbed.   A sign is posted outside - and thank you for your understanding.  An inconvenience to Drop in clients - yet a necessity for the work.  


Bow rehair service same day

 Same day service; the bow must be in the violin shop no later and 11 AM.  The bow will be needed for 3 1/2 hours.  Please schedule an appointment well in advance.


Scheduling your Instrument Free Maintenance Service Warranty

This applies to all instrument bought at The Rococo Violin Shop and applies to the original owner; the Free Maintenance Service Warranty is active for 2 years after the date of purchase.

Prior to festivals or concerts you'll want your instrument and bow to look, sound and perform its best:  Extensive cleaning and polishing of instruments & bows, tonal adjustments, new posts if needed, bridge corrections if needed,  pegs adjustments - all aspects of adjustments, popped seams and cleaning or any concerns are addressed.  We appreciate appointments or Drop off by 11am.  The Free 2 year Maintenance Service Warranty can be looked up in our files or please present your Maintenance Warranty card.

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 We love looking at instruments and bows, however our studio time is valuable too.  We offer a free 15 minute consultation.  Anything beyond that will be charged our shop time in increments of 15 minutes.  Studio time is $85 an hour.

Business hours.

Tuesday thru Friday 10 AM - 5 PM

Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM

CLOSED Sundays & Mondays & holidays

When in doubt, just email us, we will contact you within a couple of hours.

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