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Rachele Turgeon

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....We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children.”   Back ;

Growing up in a musical family Rachele took Ballet, piano, and violin into her teens.  Once she graduated high school Rachele entered into an apprentice program in 1981 with Bow Maker  Michael Vann (her step-father).  During her four year apprenticeship, Rachele studied the art form of french bowing making; as well as, bow rehairing, repairing, restoring bows, instrument repair, and setup.  She furthered her studies when being asked to work with William Salchow in New York City in the mid-'80s.  Upon returning to Canada Rachele opened a shop in Victoria, continued work with Michael Vann and was also employed at the Violin Shop in Vancouver BC owned by Gerald Staynick.  During this time Rachele applied and was accepted to three violin making schools - one in the USA, Germany, and England.  Rachele choose to attend the Newark School of Violin Making in England.  Rachele completed 2 years of the program.  Studying and making violins she completed 8 violins plus 2 violas.  The two years consisted of instrument making, playing, history, set-up, and varnishing.  After her eight years of study and work experience, Rachele returned to Canada and enrolled at Malaspina University and graduated with a forestry diploma which enabled her to move to Prince George in 1991and work full time in forestry while establishing her business Rococo Violin shop at the same time. By 1999 the Violin shop was operating full-time.

Rachele continues to work with Michael Vann and has also worked as a teacher assistant with M. Vann at his Bow making school in Victoria BC for several summers.