Rachele Turgeon


Violin and Bow maker.   Rachele apprenticed with Bow Maker Michael Vann for four years in the early 80's.  She continued her craft in New York City U.S.A. working with the late William Salchow.  Upon returning to Canada Rachele worked at The Violin Shop in Vancouver B.C. before later moving to England to attend The Newark School of Violin Making.  After completing two years of the program, Rachele returned to Canada to work with Michael Vann while also attaining a Forestry Diploma.  Upon graduation 1991 she moved to Prince George British Columbia where her services were muchly needed and established her Violin Shop.  For two summers, Rachele worked as a Teacher's Assist alongside Michael Vann who operated and taught the Summer Bow Making School in Victoria, B.C. Canada.  The Rococo Violin Shop provides a much needed comprehensive service to the string business and a great service to the widely spread population of the Northern British Columbia, including many smaller isolated communities.    Back