Investing in your children's music experience try our rental program

Rental program

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An instrument outfitted for your aspiring musician, no matter their size or age.

 Offering personal service, The Rococo Violin Shop is dedicated to bringing the empowerment and pleasure of music to all children.

A trip to the violin shop should be your child's first experience with playing a musical instrument.  When selecting an instrument, students are carefully measured to ensure a proper fit.  When a child outgrows his or her instrument, we will exchange it for the next size at no charge.  At The Rococo Violin Shop, our rental program is a pleasant and positive experience with the utmost attention paid to the comfort of the child.

Standard/Advanced Rental Option

 All our Standard Rental instruments are maintained beyond industry standards for quality, sound and playability. 

The Advanced Rentals are a group of new or antique violins and cellos in the 3/4 - 4/4 size.  This is an excellent chance for players to enjoy the benefits of a more expensive instrument without making a huge investment.  Rental rate will increase.

Quality Instruments

  Each rental instrument is tested for tonal quality and is maintained by expert craftspeople in our shop.  Care is taken at all levels to ensure that each instrument is in top playing condition. We have a professional repair shop dedicated to maintaining our instrument stock.  

Comprehensive Insurance

  Comprehensive insurance can be added to your rental rate.

  • Violin $10.00/monthly
  • Viola $11.00/monthly
  • Cello $15.00/monthly

We personally insure the instruments against theft from a secure location*(1) and most instances of accidental*(2) damage. General repairs, including bridge work, pegs, fingerboards, and cracks are covered, as well as bow repair and rehair. In addition, we replace broken strings at no charge.  If you forgo the comprehensive insurance your own home insurance will cover complete loss or irrefutable damage, however theft from a car is still not covered through any insurance company.  Cost of damage, loss or repair will be covered by client.  *(1)police report required.  Theft from vehicle not covered . *(2)to be determined by Violin Shop. 

An investment that works for you

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Rental Equity

 While renting you will accumulate Equity* that can be applied toward the purchase of an instrument from our sales studio.  Equity is calculated by adding 100% of the first three month's rental fees and 20% of each subsequent month rental fees, excluding tax and insurance.   At anytime your Equity can be used toward our Rent-to-own program.  Your Equity can not be used towards store products, nor is it refundable or transferable.  If you stop your rental contract, the Equity will be held in kind for two months in case you have a change of heart and would like to either purchase or rent again.

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"Every child is an artist until he's told he is not an artist."