Bow Rehair

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French polish and cleaning

 We offer a complete in-house bow rehair and repair service including everything from rehairs to tips, bushings, and rebalancing. 

Bows will be cleaned and french polished.   All metal parts will be cleaned and polished. 

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Same-day Service

  Same-day service may be requested.   Please call for details. 

Bows that arrive in our shop will be examined prior to rehair, any concerns will be addressed with our client commencing work. 

When shipping bows to our shop we suggest using a ABS or PVC tube.   

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Rainbow Rehairs

We are the only Violin Studio in Canada offering this service.  We custom dye premium horse hair with a gentle non harmful dye to the specifications of the client.

Great fun for everyone, showy performers, fiddle players, perfect to encourage students; any colour combination is possible.

 As a teaching aid, we colour the hair in the three positions of the bow.  Fun among the suzuki groups.  

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