Bow Care

Do's and Don'ts on the care of your bow.

 1. Do loosen your bow hair when it is not being used.  Most students forget to do this, and often end up having problems with their bow.

2. Do have your bow rehaired regularly. Do not let too many hairs go missing since that will pull the stick to one side causing a warp.

3. Do not swish your bow in order to get rid of  excess rosin.  You may accidentally snap off the head of the bow.

4. Do not applaud with your bow stick against the music stand. You will damage the wood.

5. Do not allow the ivory/mammoth tip/faceplate to remain cracked or missing, the bow head could be damaged.  Always make sure the bow’s faceplate is in one piece.

6. Remember that weather changes will affect the length of the hair.   Bow hair becomes shorter in the winter and longer in the summer.   If you travel from the humid coast to the dry interior, hair will naturally shrink.

7. Don’t drop your bow.  You may break it.

8. Do not touch the bow hair with your hands.

9. After playing wipe the rosin off the stick and frog with a dry microfiber cloth.

10. Make sure you always store your bow in the case.

11. Have your repairs done only by an expert.