Bridge & Soundpost

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   This carved, wooden support holds the strings at the correct height and distance from each other and transmits the sound energy from the strings to the body of the instrument.  Every bridge should be precisely carved by a professional luthier and custom fit to the table of each instrument.  Since the bridge is fragile and not glued or fixed to the table in any way, it is necessary to prevent impact to this sensitive area and to ensure the bridge remains straight and upright.  Even with normal use and regular tuning, a bridge will gradually lean forward or back in the direction of the pegs or fine-tuners.  If the bridge is left in this position it will eventually warp under string tension.  A bridge that is slightly warped can be straightened at our violin shop but a severely warped bridge will need to be replaced.  To extend the life of a bridge, regularly inspect its position and straighten it when necessary.  To do this, one must grip the bridge firmly with both hands and carefully ease it back into an upright position.  If you are not comfortable moving the bridge yourself, most teachers or our shop would be pleased to assist you.   

rococo violin shop,violin shop,instrument repair,sales,rental,violin,viola,cello,bass ,soundpost

 While moving the soundpost can affect the sound quality and volume your instrument produces, other aspects of stringed instrument construction also contribute to the overall sound.  Wood grade, strings, varnish, quality of workmanship and the thicknesses of the instrument's sides, table and back are among the many factors that affect an instrument's tone.  If you are not satisfied with the sound your instrument is producing or suspect your soundpost is poorly fitted or incorrectly positioned, we can move, adjust or replace the post if necessary to achieve the best sound possible.  We can also consider all other factors that may be causing dissatisfaction.  Please book an appointment for this service.  

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