Michael Vann - Bow Maker

Michael Vann

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 Bow Maker Michael Vann has owned and operated his Violin Studio for over 45 years.  He is an outstanding craftsman in the art of bow making and bow restoration.  For nine years he taught at his international Summer Bow Making School at the Conservatory of Music in Victoria, British Columbia.  His acclaimed bows are in the hands of professional musicians from around the world such as, James Ehnes, Amanda Forsyth, Pinchas Zukerman, the late Eugene Fodor, to name just a few.  Michael also makes baton's for conductors around the world.  His level of expertise and training is valuable, and he has worked in some of the best shops in North America and his work is internationally acclaimed.  Our Appraisals of instruments and bows are evaluated by Michael.  He still operates his shop on Gabriola Island, and is the developer of the Bow Badger, a necessary tool for all bow makers.  He is a Member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers.  Back